Pnina Granirer in her Vancouver StudioYou are invited to enter and experience my world of images and words. After a lifetime of painting life with brush and colour, at the end of my seventh decade the world presented itself in words. My memoir, Life within the Shadows, was born.

“I was unprepared for the creative difference between painting and writing. In painting, the details are seen in their entirety throughout the creative process. The writer, on the other hand, covers page after page with words and sentences that have to be read one by one and never seen at a single glance. The singular element foreign to painting, but inextricably linked with writing, is the element of time. One needs a certain time to read a book, while a painting may be seen in seconds, minutes or hours, according to the viewer’s wishes. The hackneyed phrase that ‘an image is worth one thousand words’ may well be true, but along with my paintings, now I need those thousand words to tell my stories. This memoir is an attempt to shine some light into the nooks and crannies of a journey that pointed me inexorably towards a final destination: art.”

Excerpt From: Pnina Granirer. “Light Within the Shadows: A Painter’s Memoir”, published by Granville Island Publishing in May 2017. (see ‘Books’ section)

Pnina Granirer