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Pnina’s New Book, Light Within the Shadows, Is Now Available in Stores

Listen to Pnina’s interview on CBC Radio’s North by Northwest on May 21 and on Radio-Canada’s Phare-Ouest (French) from May 18.

Read The Vancouver Sun’s “Question and Answer” column with Pnina from May 20  and in The Jewish Independent from May 18.

Pnina Granirer’s memoir of her life from 1935 to the present describes a true artist’s odyssey conceived as a drama in three acts, starting with a perilous childhood as a Jewish girl in 1940s Romania, continuing with emigration to Israel in the early years of the state, and concluding with a long creative period in North America, mostly based in Vancouver. Granirer writes with a painter’s eye, vividly evoking cities from Jerusalem to Paris to Montreal, and landscapes from the coastal sand dunes of Israel to the far north of Canada.

Granirer shares her creative process and how it relates to her life experience in three very different cultures, with their different opportunities and limitations

“This thoughtful and fascinating memoir would appeal to anyone interested in the creative life, and how it was lived by one gifted and determined artist through the vicissitudes of the 20th century and into the 21st.” Graham Good, Professor Emeritus of English, UBC, author of The Observing Self and Humanism Betrayed


It is time for you to become an art collector and support a good cause. What can bring you more happiness than this?

On the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of West of Main / Artists in our Midst, I will hold a benefit art sale in my studio. All large prints and works on canvas will be offered at a 50% discount with all proceeds donated to Stand up for Mental Health, an organization like no other, created by David Granirer and now active across Canada, the US and Australia.

Led by award-winning counsellor and stand-up comedian David Granirer, Stand up for Mental Health (which was featured in the VOICE award winning CBC documentary Cracking Up) teaches stand-up comedy to people with mental illness as a way of building confidence and fighting public stigma.  http://www.smhsociety.org
Open Studio and Benefit Sale: May 27 – 28, from 11 am – 5 pm

4557 W. 4th Ave., in the back studio, tel. 604-224-6795