Dancers Suite, 2000-2003

The Dancers Suite is a group of mixed-media works. The images were based on photographs of Ballet BC dancers taken by Pnina Granirer during rehearsals. The dancing figures, drawn in charcoal and pastels over a painted spackled surface, are as ephemeral as the performance itself. They capture for viewers a sense of fleeting grace and beauty. The work was shown in three separate exhibitions. It included installations using mylar transparencies and featured live dance performances, as shown below.Dance is one of the oldest forms of human expression. Ever since humanity initiated the rituals  which were to ensure its survival, people have swayed and moved to the rhythms of music, using their bodies to appease the gods and to express their joys and sorrows. And later, in dark and hidden caves, their marks on the stone walls  became the earliest form of visual art.

The purpose of this series is to express the marriage of these two basic, non-verbal human activities, dance and painting. There is an additional element explored in these works: the long tradition of aesthetics, the need for beauty which is intrinsic to our humanity, as consistently expressed through millenia of artistic endeavour.

The human factor in dance is irreplaceable and no technological means can change this; dance is an art form  which relies totally on muscle and bone, intelligence, perception and creativity. To celebrate the humanity of dance in my work Pnina uses painting, the simple, direct and human way of  expression that goes back to our very beginnings.

Kokoro, mixed media on canvas, 36×48 in, 91×122 cm.


Almost Black & White, mixed media on canvas, 36×48 in., 91×122 cm.

Three Dancers, mixed media on canvas, 48×60 in., 122×152.5 cm.
Images on Mylar : During the exhibitions, additional figures drawn on mylar were hung in the gallery spaces.

Installation Views : Installation views of Synchronicity at the Sidney and Gertrude Zack Gallery, Vancouver


Installation Views : Installation views of Floating Dancers at the Seymour Art Gallery, North Vancouver




Installation Views : Installation views of Dancers at the Yukon Art Centre, Whitehorse