In Search of Meaning


In Search of Meaning is a group of mixed media paintings that explore relationships between men and women. The figures of a man and a woman, enclosed in the repeating forms of a diamond within a square, move in the dance of life, together and apart, looking for answers and questioning fate and free choice. The rigid geometric forms containing the figures symbolize the boundaries and constraints human beings have to cope with during their lives, such as fate, luck, political upheavals, accidents, timing and so on. Other constraints are self imposed, such as religious practices, moral codes, love.

As human beings, we grapple with the dichotomy of needing a secure framework which defines the parameters for our safety and well-being, while at the same time we yearn for the freedom to escape these constraining frames. The defining element of this struggle is the urge and the constant search to find meaning in our lives. Is it easier to find meaning in one’s life within the frame, or without? Is the lack of frame — total freedom without boundaries — difficult to cope with? Or do we find meaning and security by functioning within well defined rules and structures? Is free will decisive in making our choices, or are we limited by circumstances outside out control? This group of work poses the questions, and it is up to the viewers to find their own answers.


Fate, 2005, mixed media on canvas, 36×36 in., private collection
HOPE, 2005, mixed media on canvas, 30×30 in.
WHY?, 2005, mixed media on canvas, 30×30 in., collection of Green College, University of British Columbia
It takes Two to Tango, 2005, mixed media on canvas, 30×30 in.
A Couple’s Journey, 2005, mixed media on canvas, 36×36 in.