Photo-based Work


Guanajuato Suite, 2009
Captivated by the charm and colour of the old streets of Guanajuato I could not stop clicking the shutter on my camera. Back home, after the blue skies of Mexico the grey, dreary weather hit me like a hammer. But then, while unloading these images into my computer, I realized that I could re-create the wonderful feelings of joy and aesthetic pleasure I felt in Guanajuato.

These are manipulated images, streets that don’t exist, colours that I created in places of my imagination. These works were a journey of discovery, excitement and infinite pleasure for me. I hope that the viewers will join me in this rewarding experience.


Photo-based Work, 2001
The photographs below were taken during rehearsals of Ballet British Columbia, under the artistic direction of choreographer John Allen. The initial images were studio shots — working photographs to be used for the creation of paintings and not for their own sake. However, when trying to isolate one dancer from her cluttered surroundings by blocking out with paint the unwanted background, Pnina found that a new, unexpected image appeared. She continued painting over the photographs with growing excitement, moving the dancers into a world afloat in sinous ribbons of greys, blues and whites, creating a mythical space. The next step led to the manipulation of the same photographs exploding in a shower of light.

Later, Pnina used photographs of dancer Cori Caulfield to create the Cori Variations. These are more complex works that include acrylic and collage, in addition to the photographs themselves, which were collaged and xeroxed before being painted. The dancers of Ballet British Columbia who have graciously allowed her to exhibit these photographs are: Cori Caulfield, Andrea Hodge, Edmond Kilpatrick, Emily Molnar, Simone Orlando, Justin Peck and Acacia Schachte. Pnina’s thanks to all of them.