Primary Colours, 2007 – ongoing

An urge for simplicity was the motivation behind the Primary Colours. They are each built on one colour only, hence the title. One colour only fills the space and is enhanced by a simple black and white charcoal drawing that introduces the human element in movement. Pnina works with the additive primary colours, which deal with emitted light: red, green and blue, and the subtractive primary colours, which deal with reflected light: cyan, magenta and yellow.
Mask Series, 2007 – ongoing
The Mask Series was inspired by Pnina’s dancer friend, Eilat, who lived many years in Bali. Her wonderfully expressive movements, her powerful hands and evocative masks convey an unforgetful experience which she tried to capture.
Gauguin’s Questions, 2007 – ongoing
At the start of his book, ‘A Short History of Progress’, which deals with the double-edged sword of progress, Ronald Wright mentions the famous painting by Paul Gauguin, entitled ‘Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?’ This body of works in progress addresses these same questions. It focuses on the human element, probing the great mysteries of human beginnings and behaviour, and raises questions about the direction taken by humanity on planet Earth.