Travels, Spain and Japan, 1990-1992

The Alhambra Series
Alhambra in Granada, Spain, is the restored jewel of beautiful Moorish architecture and exquisite gardens. For 300 years it was a place of tolerance, peace and a flourishing of the arts, only to be destroyed in the 15th Century by he Catholic Kings of Spain. Pnina’s brief visit there left her with a sense of beauty, and memories of the music of the water trickling fountains everywhere.


The Kyoto Suite
In the fall of 1990 Pnina spent 10 days in Kyoto, wandering its streets, visiting its temples and getting drunk on the perpetual and pervasive sound of madly singing cicadas. These works are the result of this experience. Pnina strove to capture her wonder at the deep sense of Japanese aesthetics in these mixed media paintings. The richness of colour and design in the luscious kimonos, the beauty of the red-orange beams of the Buddhist temples, the evocative sadness of the origami thousand cranes, the sparse beauty of the sand gardens — all of these combined into feelings of visual richness and delight, expressed in the works hanging on these walls.